Winter Wonderland

Enchanted Walks, Outdoor Performances, Craft Workshops, Indoor Marquee Panto's, Magical Characters and much more!

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Perfect Parties

Tailor Made Performance Parties

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History - Thirty amazing years

Ozzie Riley: "It all began when we took a show, written by Mick Kitson to the Oxford Theatre Festival. We had finished doing drama at Northumbria University in May 1981. The production was called Car Troubles but we didn't have a name as a company. So we put the item on the programme as Car Troubles from Dodgy Clutch."

"The name stuck when we started full time with a £40 a week Enterprise Allowance. We went for our first gig on the Tyne & Wear Metro and carried our props downhill from Four Lane Ends station to Long Benton Community Centre. As with any poverty stricken group, we had fallings-out over minor things, and the other three went on to be actors in the theatre. But I'd become increasingly disillusioned and bored with most of what I saw on stage. I preferred to see people who are multi-talented, sing, dance, play instruments, tell stories. What I like then, I like now. It's entertaining."

"Elaine and I wanted to take Dodgy Clutch in a different direction. Inspired by John Fox, and big, spectacular French and Spanish street theatre we started to do outdoor things with large models or puppets and tell a story about them. And that's how we went on. You could recount the History of Dodgy Clutch through a Hundred Incredible Objects."

Oxford Story Museum-Alice day

Oxford Story Museum-Alice day
‘Into the Hole’
Come and see us at Oxford Story Muse...

Mouth of the Tyne festival

Come and see us at the Mouth of the Tyne festival Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th July 2011

Archie Sibeko Fundraising...

Fundraising events in UK and Canada now mean we can start to raise the roof!

Fountains, Follies and Fantasies

Fountains, Follies and Fantasies coming to a stately home near you.